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Dose first came into the dnb world in 2003, playing his first club dj set at the age of 18 in 2006, making his first solo release on record in 2008 and then his debut LP in 2014.

With over 100 d&b track releases, an LP behind him and countless dj bookings around the globe, Dose has released his works on a vast spectrum of record labels including such top labels as Ram Records, Renegade Hardware and Subtitles Uk.

2017/2018 saw him take a step back off music while relocating to Sydney, Australia and with that move completed 2019 is set to see Dose back in full force taking his music to new heights.

Dose is one of the few djs who often plays 100% original music in his sets but generaly he will feature a well tasted & delivered selection of original and International music that meets his tastes. Having started off as a dj - Dose has built a well respected reputation as both a solid international DJ and as exceptional producer.

The Kiwi nation is renowned for delivering good artist and Dose is no exception. Bring on 2019 and beyond!


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Dose is back and in full force, having a short hiatus from dnb in 2017 while he relocated to Sydney, Dose is full steam ahead on new music and djing and ready to ley down his recent works and his pick from around the world in a club night exhibition.

Dose is one of a few who will often play 100% original music in his sets but more recently has been known for playing a slick pick of funky and hypnotic dnb.

Expect technical mixes, lost of originals and VIPs, seamless beat matching and good dose of funk to roll you through the night in kiwi style.

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